Carla de Jong - Toys

Phone: 02 - 9416 5259
  Updated 6 October 2017

Carla has been making and selling her toys from home for more than thirty years.

Her aim is to produce toys that are "child-friendly" in various ways: simple, beautiful and well-made.

When a toy is simple and without lots of extra detail, the child has the freedom to add or change in his/her fantasy whatever takes his/her fancy. Details can be in the way and give the toy a fixed appearance.

Beauty gives a sense of well-being, it is something to enjoy and isn't joy most important in a child's life?

A well-made toy is worth caring for, especially in the throw-away society we live today. Teaching the child to care for something, is a good quality for children to develop in life.

For the child and for our future as well, it goes without saying that materials used for toys should be environmentally sound and sourced in an environmentally-friendly way.

Carla's toys are for children to enjoy and treasure for years to come, not meant to be set aside as a showpiece.